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Around the end of May (I’ll try and pull the exact date for the next post), Danaya wrote performed her Grade 8 piano exam.  This required her to choose a theme, select a number of songs around that theme, create a program, and then perform the program before a group of family, friends, and an examinator.


This is Danaya introducing one of the songs.  We weren’t allowed to record the performance, but I figured a few cellphone pictures wouldn’t offend anyone.  Danaya is playing the songs that she likes on our digital keyboard and we’re posting them here in the next series of posts.

So, without any further nattering-on, here is Danaya performing:  Sunshowers

In this post, Heidi performs a song which she composed (with some direction from her piano teacher) called “Graceful Spider”.

picture of Heidi taking a bow
Heidi takes a bow upon completion of piano performance

The song: june-recital-heidi-graceful-spider

This is the last posting from the June piano recital.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I would also like to post the songs that Danaya played for her piano exam in late May; so hopefully once I convince her to record them for me, we’ll be able to share those.


A couple of weeks ago, Danaya wrote her Grade 8 piano exam.  There were about 20 of us (family and friends, some both) in the audience, and an adjudicator who was grading her.  She played 8 songs and I think it was a bit of a nerve-wracking experience for her.  In comparison to that, I suspect that the recital performance was a breeze for her.  The song being played was one of the songs she also played at her piano exam.

picture of Danaya playing piano
Danaya playing at June 2012 piano recital

The song:  june-recital-danaya-goldfish

Here’s the next in the series of songs played at the recital, featuring Daelynn.  I was planning on doing them in the order they were performed (Mikaela, Danaya, Heidi, Daelynn, Heidi), but had some technical difficulties tonight, so am straying from my clever plan.

picture of Daelynn playing piano
Daelynn performing piece, June 2012 piano recital

Here’s the song:  june-recital-daelynn-springrain

This afternoon (Saturday, June 16th) was the final piano recital of the 2011/2012 piano lesson year.  Danaya, Daelynn, and Mikaela each played one piece and did exceedingly well.  Heidi played two pieces, one of which she had written herself (with a little help from her piano teacher).  Here’s pictures of the girls performing (in order of appearance in the recital):

picture of Mikaela playing at piano rectial
Mikaela playing “Send in the Clowns”
picture of Danaya playing at piano recital
Danaya playing “Goldfish” at recital
picture of Heidi playing piano at recital
Heidi playing “Big Teddy Little Teddy” at recital
picture of Daelynn playing piano at recital
Daelynn playing “Spring Rain” at piano recital

I tried making audio recordings of the performances with a recording app on my cellphone.  I succeeded in making recordings of 3 of the 5 songs, although when I listened to them it was obvious that the microphone on my cellphone is not match for a recording studio, or even a reasonable microphone.  I’d like to see if I can clean the recordings up a bit and then figure out a way to post them here on

The recital itself lasted a little under an hour, and by the time it was down to the last couple of songs (out of a total of 20), Brock was done sitting still.  Lori was taking care of him at the far end of the row, and was having quite a time restraining him from making loud noises and clapping in the middle of songs.

Also, while Mikaela needed her music (Marian the teacher, introduced her as having forgotten her memory at home (Mikaela wasn’t the only one)), Danaya, Daelynn, and Heidi all played their songs from memory.