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At the campsite, there has been no internet connection whatsoever, so I haven’t pushed up many Hubcrate posts.  At OMSI, being a hip sort of place (does ‘hip’ still mean cool, cutting edge anymore?), there is wifi everywhere.

So, some more pics…


Heidi doing the weather,


while standing in front of a green screen.

We got to hold a couple of walking stick bugs.


and touch a ball python…


and spent some time watching the Gravi-tram.


in a while, we are going on the submarine tour.

Just for fun, I want to start posting some pictures, going years back in our family archive.

First up is this picture from 2004.  The setting is Reedsport, a ways north of Coos Bay, Oregon, where there is a large area of sand dunes.  We spent an exorbitant amount of money and rented a dune buggy and an ATV for an entire day.  Layne, Rett and Danaya took turns with the dune buggy, while Aunt Marta and myself split time on the ATV.  One of the real high-lights was that one of the trails led to the ocean beach, and you could drive up and down it, although were not allowed to go into the surf (something about the salt water).

So, here is a picture of Danaya, driving the dune buggy on the beach.  At the time of the picture, she would have been 8 years old.

picture of Danaya driving a dune buggy, Oregon coast
Danaya the dunebuggier