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It’s time for our next crazy hat post!  This time it is Mikaela and Daelynn donning the noggin apparel.  I don’t know about you, but to me these hats seem like they would be very inconvenient and not so useful.

By the way, I know Lori was working on getting a post or two together, so we’ll patiently wait for that.  I have a couple of more of these Discovery Hut pictures to post, anyway.

Huber and Dunbar kids in the big pipe

We spent the day Sunday (July 15th) with some friends in High River. The fun for the day included the Sunday morning service at High River Baptist church, a picnic in the park while listening to an unusual music group (called Miss Quincy, featuring three gals playing drums, guitar and a standup bass), enjoying the free afternoon swim at the pool, and hanging out with our good friends, the Dunbars.

Dad and Mom, if you are reading this, Phil and Beth (we chatted with them for a while at the church) send their regards.

And a couple more pictures to round out the post…

Huber and Dunbar kids on the big pipe
our hosts for the day


Brock and Mikalea a recipe did make,

Rhubarb-apple-nut muffins to bake.

Alas, twas not a snitchers delight,

The ratio of mix to soda not right.


Eating the muffins was not such a pleasure,

even though a half was the measure.

I’d suggest Brock not be reading the recipe soon,

he needs to distinguish between ‘cup’ and ‘teaspoon’.



Around the end of May (I’ll try and pull the exact date for the next post), Danaya wrote performed her Grade 8 piano exam.  This required her to choose a theme, select a number of songs around that theme, create a program, and then perform the program before a group of family, friends, and an examinator.


This is Danaya introducing one of the songs.  We weren’t allowed to record the performance, but I figured a few cellphone pictures wouldn’t offend anyone.  Danaya is playing the songs that she likes on our digital keyboard and we’re posting them here in the next series of posts.

So, without any further nattering-on, here is Danaya performing:  Sunshowers


On Wednesday evening, while I was taking the girls and Davison to the library for our weekly visit, Lori spent some one-on-one time with Brock.  Brock loves having people read books to him, and in this case Lori was reading with him through a phonics workbook (the pertinent-for-this-story portion of the page in question is photographed above).

Lori would have Brock go though a particular pattern for each word, first spelling it out, then sounding it out and saying the word, and then saying the word in a sentence.  After working through the word “rid”, Brock piped up with, “Do you want me to do the ‘lid’ one now?”  Lori assented, and he then spelled out L-I-D, and sounded it out.  Lori also mentioned a couple of his funny sentences, ‘I sod the wood’, and ‘I went poddy’ that really cracked her up.



To celebrate father’s day, or possibly a fun Sunday afternoon, Danaya, Daelynn, Mikaela, and I played a game of Starfarers of Catan. It is a game loosely based on some of the key Catan elements (5 types of resources, receiving resources based on dice rolls, trading, buying stuff with resources) but also having quite a number of unique elements of its own that make it quite fun – including each player having their own fairly large rocket ship (to which additional pieces can be added) as well as encounters with merchants, space travelers, pirates, and other circumstances.

I (Dad) managed to eke out a win about a minute before Danaya was going to win in a very convincing manner. The game really should have gone her way, but for three things:

  1. I had some luck with merchant encounters early on, where I had no resources to give them, and in return they viewed me add a poor chap who needed some help with extra resources.
  2. Towards the end of the game, Mikaela was pretty generous in a couple of trades with me in an effort to keep Danaya from winning.
  3. I managed to score 3 victory points on my last turn by purchasing a fame ring with a trade good, by placing a colony, and scoring an unforeseen point by colonizing one of those troublesome planets which required 4 freight rings, but provided a victory point.

To Danaya’s credit, she was a really good sport in having me sneak in and snag the victory points. A fun time was had by all, except Davison who kept being caught playing with one off the extras rockets and being made to put it away.

Today (Friday, June 8th) was Lori’s birthday. I took the day off work, and we went last night to a hotel near Canmore. We spent the day together today – this picture was taken at the restaurant where we had lunch in Banff, and then headed for home.

picture of Ben & Lori, June 2012
Lori and Ben


We (the Ben Huber family, less the two older sons) spent the day on Sunday, May 27th at Cam & Coralie’s place, eating, fellow-shipping, playing board games, climbing on dirt piles, riding their quad.  Here’s some pictures (with of course, Pixlr-o-matic effects applied):

Heidi an Kiersten on the dirt hill
Heidi and Kierstin on the dirt mountain
picture of Ethan and Davison
Ethan and Davison having fun in the dirt
picture of Brock with Tonka truck
Brock and truck at the top of the dirt pile
picture of Huber girls on quad
Danaya, Mikaela, and Heidi on the quad
picture of Huber girls on quad
Off to the open fields

We got home really, really late, but a wonderful day was had by all.