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Way back last month (Sept 21st, the Friday before the wedding, to be precise), we were at Rett and Elselijn’s wedding rehearsal.  It’s been a busy time since… okay, that sounds like a lame excuse.  Possibly a better explanation is that I live a boring life, so I have to stretch out this concentrations of excitement on the blog to make it seem like things are pretty exciting all the time.  Anyhow, here are the best of my iPhone pictures from the wedding rehearsal.

picture of assembly of a wooden arch
picture of wedding rehearsal
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We had lunch in northern California – I believe this was just on the outskirts of Crescent City (more on that later).  Sadly, this was the last time that we ever saw our large green lunchbag – shown being bumped off the bench by Daelynn.  Lori still rues the losing of it, as it was really handy.

picture of family at picnic table by the ocean
Lunchtime in northern California

I should probably make up some tag to include with each Rett picture where he is making faces.  Let me know if you come up with any good ideas for it.

One of my purposes for the site is sharing family photos.  The majority of photos that have been taken were around special family events, and most of those seem to be when we are on vacation.  Possibly that is when Dad is out of his everyday routine, and more in picture-taking mode.

The next series of photos that I’ll post are dated September 2004, and were taken during a day trip down the Oregon coast into the California redwoods.  To kick things off, here’s a picture of the kids (less Heidi who was a young toddler at the time).  True to form, Rett can’t keep a straight face while there is a photo-op going on.

picture of Huber kids in front of redwood tree in 2004
Layne, Rett, Danaya, Daelynn, Mikaela in the Redwoods

Hurrah for Aunt Marta, as she has provided a whole bunch of additional pictures from the Dunebuggy day back in September 2004, including a couple of them with me in it (that’s not so much the hurrah part – as seeing some pics of it that I haven’t seen before).  So, here they are, along with a couple of interspersed remembrances.

picture of Danaya in dune buggy
Driving Lesson...

I had noticed this in one of the pictures earlier, but it wasn’t as obvious as it is in this one.  Danaya was a little too short to reach the gas and brake pedals, so the people who rented us the dune buggy also provided a thick piece of foam, which Danaya had behind her back.  This allowed her to operate the dune buggy reasonably comfortably.

picture of Danaya shielding eyes
Danaya driving, Dad on foot
picture of Danaya in dune buggy out on the dunes
Danaya on the dunes

From the parking lot, there was a sanded ramp up to the dunes (and on the way back, down from the sand dunes).  On the first run that Danaya and I did (I think the runs out onto the dunes and all the way to the beach probably lasted about 30 minutes or so), we were on our way back.  At the bottom of the ramp is a stop sign, where the ramp intersects with the road leading to the parking lot.   I was in the lead, and obediently stopped.  Danaya zoomed right by me out into the parking lot, being blissfully unaware of the stop sign.  Thankfully there wasn’t any traffic going by at the same time.

picture of Rett in dune buggy on beach
Rett on the beach
picture of Rett making faces
Rett on the beach, making faces
Ben on a quad
Ben going too fast for road conditions
picture of Lori in dune buggy
Lori's turn (at the end of the day)
picture of Dad and Daelynn on quad
Daelynn gets a (short) ride
picture of Dad and Mikaela on quad
Mikaela gets a parking lot ride
picture of Huber family after dunebuggy day
End of day, getting ready to shut down

Other recollections?  It was a really fun day.

Following along with the flashback to the 2004 Dunebuggy day, we present this picture of Rett, who would have been 11 years old at the time.

Picture of 11 year old Rett driving dune buggy
Rett the buggier

Those of you who:

  • read the prior post with Danaya driving a dunebuggy
  • are observant

may have looked at the above picture and recalled that:

  • we only rented one dune buggy
  • that the dune buggy Danaya was driving was red in color, while the one Rett was driving is not red, but is in fact a distinct shade of green.

Are you wondering why that is the case?  Well, let me give my recollection of the story, and maybe others (Rett, Marta?) could fill in the rest.

Late in the first half of the day rental, Rett was driving the dune buggy and Marta was leading with the ATV.  At one point going along a narrow trail through some taller grass, Marta realized that Rett was no longer behind her.  Upon turning around and going back, she eventually found him.  He had somehow managed to back the dune buggy over a small cliff (by small, I think we’re talking about 4 feet), landed it on the back of the roll cage, snapped off the flag, and either temporarily knocked him out, or gave him a minor concussion.

We nursed the dune buggy (this being the green one) back to the rental place, and they gave us a different one (this being the red one) for the rest of the day.  Apparently people crack these things up quite often and it wasn’t too unusual.  (That and I think that this was mid-September and they didn’t have too many other customers that day).  Rett survived the day without further mishap.