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On the third day of our trip home, we travelled from Idaho Falls, Idaho, through the state of Utah, ending up at the town of Parachute, Colorado. (I had already posted about the hotel in Parachute).

It was a bit of an uneventful day, with lots of miles covered with lots of rugged, barren scenery. Lori and I listened to most of the story “White Fang” by Jack London.
Here’s a couple of pictures from the Utah rest stop where we stopped to prepare our lunch and use the facilities.


And here are some additional pictures taken on the road and at a rest stop further down the road.



Supper was a forgettable stop at a MacDonalds near Grand Junction, Colorado.

Day two of our trek home saw us starting off in Helena, Montana and ending up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. On the way, we visited Yellowstone National Park to check out the geyser scene. Here is the route that we took.

One of the staples of Huber family travels is stopping at rivers and throwing rocks into them, although truth be told this is not an hourly or daily occurrence. Nevertheless, here we are by Cardwell, Montana on an outhouse stop, throwing rocks into the river.

From there it was on to Yellowstone National Park, situated primarily in the north west corner of Wyoming.
Yellowstone National Park turns out to be a pretty big place, consisting of more than one geyser. Nevertheless (whoops, I already used that word in the post, so how about “irregardless”), Dad decided that we needed to go first and see Old Faithful. We got to the large tourist complex that has grown up around it. By the time we parked, found and used the restrooms and got oriented, we missed the big blow-off.

It turns out that Old Faithful is pretty regular in an ambiguous sort of way. It goes off every 90 minutes give or take 10 minutes. So, we had some time to experience new and wonderful things and headed off to the Visitor Center to learn about geology and steam. Here is Heidi and Brock checking out the exhibits.

Having learned all that there was to learn at the VC, some of us begrudgingly (others of us joyfully, others not at all as they went to reserve seating at the Old Faithful viewing site). The next two pictures are from that short hole (0.7 miles if my memory serves me correctly).


Here is what Old Faithful looks like when it is at rest.

And here it is in all of its glory.

After seeing Old Faithful, we took a look around some other parts of the park including some lesser known geysers and hot springs. I have some of that on video, but for the sake of getting this post done, will postpone posting those until some later (or never) date.
The day ended with a less than memorable meal at Denny’s in Idaho Falls, and an entirely forgettable stay at a Motel 6 (other than the quirky room furnishings).


On our drive through eastern Washington, we of course stopped at the couple of rest areas available. We had young children and an aging mom in the car, which is enough said.

Upon returning to the car on one of these stops, this is the sight that greeted me.

This fellow must have done a nose dive into the rubber sealing around the window; that was the only thing holding him there–his nose.

The second photo shows where he was on the window.

Poor guy.



We are usually in way too much of a hurry to stop at Multnomah Falls on our trips down the Columbia River Gorge from Oregon to Alberta.

Thursday was no exception–but we stopped anyway…long enough to get the selfies to prove we were there and get our feet cooled in the creek.