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Brock and Mikalea a recipe did make,

Rhubarb-apple-nut muffins to bake.

Alas, twas not a snitchers delight,

The ratio of mix to soda not right.


Eating the muffins was not such a pleasure,

even though a half was the measure.

I’d suggest Brock not be reading the recipe soon,

he needs to distinguish between ‘cup’ and ‘teaspoon’.




This is a Davison story from a couple of weeks ago. Davison spent some time making this sign that could quickly and easily (but not comfortably) be hung around someone’s neck; the primary recipient thus far being Mom. I don’t think you can see it on this picture taken with my phone, but the sign said on large capital letters “ORIT”.

Davison had made the sign, along with a couple of paper strips that were taped on. He then hung it around Lori’s neck and then brought out his list of requests.

At this point it would behoove us to understand the meaning of the sign. In order to do so, you need to look at the sign (ORIT), and sound it out – with the ‘O’ making more of an ‘ah’ sound and the ‘I’ being a long i.

Today, Brock and I were looking through the Usborne Great Wildlife Search book. We were on the “India” page. On it was a picture of a mother bird feeding a baby bird, her long beak poking some food down into the gaping throat of her hungry baby.

I asked Brock, “What is that mommy bird doing?”

He replied, “Temperaturing it.”

This story as told by Danaya, having occurred today.
At one point Brock had been in the backyard, but was now at the back door ringing the doorbell repeatedly (this being somewhat of a common occurrence with Brock lately).
Danaya opened the door and asked Brock, “Why don’t you use the sliding door on the deck?”
Brock looked at her as if she just didn’t get it and responded, “Because it doesn’t have a doorbell.”