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picture of Heidi on her way to swimming
Heidi on the trip to swimming

Heidi sitting in the Traverse,

Dad struggling to write this verse…

Verse rhymes with verse? A poet’s transgression

Um, let’s move on from this digression

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picture of Mikaela at the swimming pool
Mikaela and her new goggles

Able to swim tangle-free,

Mom’s braiding ability.

Check out Mikaela’s new swim goggles

$18.00? – the mind, it boggles.

picture of Mikaela swimming
Mikaela practises the backstroke
picture of Daelynn at the pool
Daelynn at the swimming pool

Over the past two weeks (ending this past Friday), a number of our kids took swimming lessons each morning in an outdoor swimming pool.  I don’t have a lot of stories about it, as Lori was the one who was driving them there, and hanging around and taking the odd picture.  We haven’t done lessons for the kids in the last few years, so this was a good thing to do.

Another picture of Daelynn, doing the back-stroke:

picture of Daelynn swimming
Daelynn swimming laps, not her fave